Abana International

What we do

We Engage Youth for Transformation

We Believe We Can Solve the Global Development Crisis in Our Lifetimes.

We Find & Support

We are in search of opportunities to support youth to transition into self employment as a sustainable solution to reduce unemployment and its related impacts.

We Educate

Today more than ever, orphans and other vulnerabe youth need more support, and Abana has partnered with institutions to support education.

We Research

Abana is carrying out research on youth engagement in national development, in order to better address chronic gaps and  obstacles.

We Consult

We consult experts in the area of peace and development to ensure our projects are underpinned by conflict sensitive programming principles.

We Are Green

We ensure every project has an environmental intervention, to promote alternative energy resources and do our part to reverse climate change.

SDG Focused

Our ultimate goal is aligned with the SDG’s, particularly SDG 8 and 9 on development, SDG 16 on peace and SDG 13 on climate action. Ultimate goal being Agenda 2030.


Our most urgent crisis today is economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic that wreaked havoc worldwide and caused millions of job and income losses, further reducing the opportunities for youth to find feasible opportunity. The current climate crisis also presents challenges in terms of business resilience to its effects. To address these issues, Abana is working to educate and empower youth, through inclusive selection process. Read about our projects here.

City Twinning

Abana has been working with cities to develope partnerships between cities in North America and Africa and the Caribbeans. These twinnings aim to foster friendship and cultural exchange, promote investment, trade and collaboration towards prosperity.

YORA Master Classes

Abana has been working in collaboration with the Year of Return Africa Summit to develop and host master classes in order to increase available training opportunities for  career growth. These classes are skill specific such as Theatre, Photography, Investment, exports, AI and Robotics.

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Technical Trainings

Abana is expanding its work in orphanages to focus more on secondary and technical training level to increase the opportunities for the most vulnerable to gain livelihoods.

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Abana is currently seeking interns and consultants, please send cv to info@abanainternational.org

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